Andrew Jackson Jihad – We Shall Die Alone Someday chords ver. 2

The intro is pretty much just spazzing out on the higher strings in Em. Listen to 
the song if you want to get the timing and muting/harmonics right. 
Em C Bad things happen everyday.
G D Cancer and murder and herpes and AIDS.
Em C G D We'll all die alone someday,
Em D EmI hope we don't die alone.
Em CAnd our vices make it bearable enough,
G D To know our lives are shit, but to not give a fuck.
Em C G D Em D EmThey make it bearable enough to help us on our way.
Em C But still it feels nice to feel alive.
G DTo try to find a house or home or someplace to thrive.
Em C G D Em C Em It feels great to be alive except for all those times we feel dead.
Em CAnd how do we maintain our buoyancy in this
G D Salty lake of shit and tears and murder and disease?
Em C G D Em C EmHow do we keep ourselves afloat in all this sad stuff?
C EmI've gotta know the answers I've gotta know it now.
C DAnd I need to know the answers I have to know how.
Em C G D Em D Em We'll all die alone someday, I hope we don't die alone.
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