Andrew Jackson Jihad – Pacific To Be Specific chords

Intro: Am C G

Am C G Fmaj7We are buying into something we say we don't want a part of
Am C G Fmaj7And we're all trying to put our fingers on emotions we can't place
Am C G Fmaj7And we're all dying from those things we put into our bodies
Am C G Fmaj7And we're all lying to ourselves when we say it's all coming together
Am Fmaj7 G Am Fmaj7 G Am Fmaj7 G CAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh-hhhhhh
C So let's burn down those bridges and grow into our britches
AmAnd rip out painful stitches
GAnd make beauty for the sake of sanity
CAnd let's mark our territories and get good at telling stories
Am About our long-strived glories that aren't true
GBut sure as hell resemble the truth
C And let's go to the art walk and bring our box cutters
AmAnd we'll cut those mother fuckers that wear the wrong gang colors
GWe'll go to The Loft at Fifth and Roosevelt
Fmaj7And set it up like the carter projects
And show those fuckers hell
Am C G Fmaj7 AmAnd we must wash the taste of cum out of our teeth
Outro: Am Fmaj7 G Am Fmaj7 G Am Fmaj7 G G Fmaj7 Am G C
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