Andrew Jackson Jihad – David J Is A Sickness chords ver. 3

I messed up on the previous (Ver 2) and I have no idea how to edit/delete it. So here's version 3. I play this way and it seems accurate, one of the chords, like Satan, takes many different forms, (After I've reverse chord looked it up, you play THISe---0---------------|B---1---------------|G---0---------------|D---0---------------|A---2---------------|E---0---------------|^^^^^^^^^ When it says this ---> Cmaj9 It's also been called "C/B" because itis a C note with B note combined with all other strings open.
And Am7 could also be just Am, but I find Am7 a bit easier. As well Dm could be Dm7 (which is why I put Dm7 in my previous version) [INTRO] Dm G C Cmaj9 Am7 Dm G C
C Am7you're helpless, and hopeless
Dm Gyou wanna help out the homeless
C Am7 Dm Gbut you've got problems
C Am7you're selfish, and worthless
Dm Gand you have no fucking purpose
C Am7 Dm Gyou're a cancer-causing, cancer-having slob
[INTRO] whoa-oh (x3)
C Am7there are morals that conflict with orals
Dm Gthat conflict with anals that believe in angels
C Am7 Dm Gangels are hating on you
C Am7if good is the absence of evil
Dm Gand evil is the absence of good
C Am7there is an axis of evil
Dm Grolling into this neighborhood
Dm Gwith the sound of gunshots
C Cmaj9 Am7bang! pow!! pswchh!!!
Dm G C Am7whoa whoa whoa, whoa?
Dm G C x Cmaj9 x Am7 whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
Dm G Cwhoa whoa whoa
C Am7it was then that i found i am a vampire
Dm Gi have fangs fucking 15 inches long
C Am7the sanguinary sweetness of stealing someone's blood
Dm Gfeels so good i am compelled to sing this song
C Am7 and at night when i retire to my coffin
Dm Gto sleep for a hundred years or more
C Am7all you people that i know will have died long ago
Dm G and your children will have died ten years before
Dm G C Cmaj9 Am7Woah Woah, woah woah oh
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