Andrew Lloyd Webber - Till I Hear You Sing chords

I heard this song a recently and absolutely FELL IN LOVE with it! 
I hope these chords sound about right, they do to me at least =D

FThe day starts, the day ends
Bb/F FTime crawls by
F Dm AmNight steals in, pacing the floor
BbSus4The moments creep,
F DmYet I cant bear to sleep
Gm C7Till I hear you sing
FAnd weeks pass, and months pass
Bb/F FSeasons fly
F AmStill you dont walk through the door
BbSus4And in a haze
F DmI count the silent days
Gm C7Till I hear you sing once more.
AmAnd sometimes at night time
AmI dream that you are there
Dm Bbm Eb CBut wake holding nothing but the empty air
FAnd years come, and years go
Bb/F CTime runs dry
F AmStill I ache down to the core
BbSus4My broken soul
F DmCant be alive and whole
Gm C7Till I hear you sing once more
AmAnd music, your music
AmIt teases at my ear
Dm Eb Gm CI turn and it fades away and youre not here
FLet hopes pass, let dreams pass
Bb/FLet them die
F AmWithout you, what are they for?
BbSus4Ill always feel
F DmNo more than halfway real
Dm Eb6 Bb7 Fsus4 F Till I hear you sing once more...............
Hope you like it! :D
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