Andrew Lloyd Webber – Memory chords ver. 3

Cats Musical
Tabbed By millah

I play on the 7:th capo

C AmMidnight, not a sound on the pavement
F EmHas the moon lost a memory? She is smiling alone
G AmIn the lamplight the withered leaves collect at my feet
G CAnd the wind begins to moan
C AmMemory, all alone in the moonlight
FI can smile at the old days
EmI was beautiful then
G AmI remember the time I knew what happiness was
G CLet the memory live again
C AmDaylight, I must wait for the sunrise
FI must think of a new life
EmAnd I mustn't give in
G AmWhen the dawn comes tonight will be a memory too
G CAnd a new day will begin
This is all I know of this song, and it's only for me. Simpler then the other one. Well. Have a good day!
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