Andrew Lloyd Webber – Till I Hear You Sing chords ver. 4

Hi, this is my version of the song "Till I Hear You Sing" by Andrew Lloyd Webber 
and sung by Ramin Karimloo. I got the most by listening to the song on youtube 
except from the ending, I couldn't really figure out what the real ending chords 
were, so I made something that I think worked instead :)

FThe day starts, the day ends
F/Bb FTime crawls by
F Dm AmNight steals in, pacing the floor
Bbsus4 Bb Bbsus4The moments creep,
Bb F DmYet I cant bear to sleep
Gm C7Till I hear you sing
FAnd weeks pass, and months pass
F/Bb FSeasons fly
F Dm AmStill you dont walk through the door
Bbsus4 Bb Bbsus4And in a haze
Bb F DmI count the silent days
Gm C7 FTill I hear you sing once more.
AmAnd sometimes at night time
AmI dream that you are there
Dm/Bb Eb C7But wake holding nothing but the empty air
FAnd years come, and years go
F/Bb Time runs dry
F Dm AmStill I ache down to the core
BbSus4 Bb Bbus4My broken soul
Bb F DmCant be alive and whole
Gm C7 FTill I hear you sing once more
AmAnd music, your music
AmIt teases at my ear
Dm/Bb Eb C7I turn and it fades away and youre not here
FLet hopes pass, let dreams pass
F/BbLet them die
F Dm AmWithout you, what are they for?
BbSus4 Bb Bbsus4I’ll always feel
Bb F DmNo more than halfway real
Gm C Bb C# D# F Till I hear you sing once more...............
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