Andrew Lloyd Webber – Memory chords ver. 4

Hope you enjoy this chord chart...such a lovely song :) sorry some of the chords 
aren't placed right, this is my first chart! 

C AmMidnight, not a sound from the pavement
FHas the moon lost her memory?
EmShe is smiling alone
Dm7In the lamplight
AmThe withered leaves collect at my feet
G G7 CAnd the wind begins to moan
AmAll alone in the moonlight
FI can smile at the old days
EmI was beautiful then
Dm7I remember
AmThe time I knew what happiness was
G G7 CLet the memory live again
Em Em/F Dm/FEvery street lamp
Em Em/F Em C D GSeems to beat a fatalistic warning
Em A7 Dmaj7 GSomeone mutters and a street lamp gutters
Em A D And soon it will be morning
AmI must wait for the sunrise
FI must think of a new life
EmAnd I mustn't give in
Dm7 When the dawn comes
AmTonight will be a memory too
G G7 CAnd a new day will begin
Instrumental: Ab Fm Db Ab
Cm Cm/Db Bbm/Db Cm Cm/Db Bbm/DbBurnt out ends of smoky days
Cm Ab Bb7 EbThe stale cold smell of morning
Cm Fm7 Bb7 Ebmaj7 A street lamp dies, another night is over
Cm F7 Bb Bb7Another day is dawning
Eb Touch me
CmIt's so easy to leave me
AbAll alone with my memory
GmOf my days in the sun
Fm7If you touch me
CmYou'll understand what happiness is
Bb Bb7Look a new day
EbHas begun
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