Andrew Peterson – Holy Is The Lord chords

These chords were already present on the net, but without the lyrics, I simply 
merged them together.

Supposedly played with Drop D, but I haven't tried it

Holy Is The Lord, performed by Andrew Peterson

key: D
Intro: D A D G (2x) 

D A DWake up little Isaac
G D/F# GAnd rub your tired eyes
G A D Go and kiss your mama
G A We’ll be gone a little while
G A D D/C#Come and walk beside me
Bm Bm/A G Come and hold your papa’s hand
G A D I go to make an altar
D/F# G A D And to offer up my lamb
D A DI waited on the Lord
G D/F# GAnd in a waking dream He came
G A D Riding on a wind across the sand
G A He spoke my name
G A D D/C#“Here I am”, I whispered
Bm Bm/A G And I waited in the dark
G A D The answer was a sword
D/F# G A D That came down hard upon my heart
CHORUS -----------------------------------------
Bm G D Holy is the Lord
Bm A G Holy is the Lord
D/F# G A And the Lord I will obey
D/F# G A D Lord, help me I don’t know the way
Bm D/F# G (2x) D F#m C G A Dsus DHoHo
D A DSo take me to the mountain
G D/F# GI will follow where You lead
G A D There I’ll lay the body
G A Of the boy You gave to me
G A D D/C#And even though You take him
Bm Bm/A G Still I ever will obey
G A D But Maker of this mountain, please
G A D Make another way
Chorus x2
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