Andrew Peterson - Dancing In The Minefields tab version 1

This is the main riff that he play throughout the song. It changes in the second verse 
and the chorus. If you play around with the rest of the song you might be able to figure 
it out.
Capo 1
Tuning Standard

e|---------------------------------------------------------0---0--|B|----1-----1----1---1-----1----1---1-----1----1--1-------1---1---|G|---0-0---0----0---0-0---0----0---0-0---0----0--0-------2---2----|D|--2---2h3--2h3---2---2h3--2h3---2---2h3--2h3-------0--3---3-----| x2A|-3--------------0--------------3--------------0-----------------|E|-------------------------------------------------3--1-----------|
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