Andy Cherry - Our Gods Alive chords

First time submitting chords here but they are pretty close to what he is playing...
After the bridge the chorus is a C/G and the D is a C/G shaped chord just slide it up 2
frets then the G is the same shaped C/G chord its just slide up 5 more frets. to play a
C/G just form a standard C chord and put your ring finger on the top E string third fret 
and your pinky on the 3rd fret on the A string.
the outro is just what the other instruments would play at the end when the acoustic is picking
Have Fun its an awesome song

A The 0* is a muted note. I'm not 100% on end
PDF of the song is on his website Outro is optional ENJOY! Verse 1
Em C/GCome on everyone, see what he has done
Em C/GHe has lifted us, He has overcome
Em (G) C2 (D)The power of the grave, and the sin that once enslaved
Em7 C/GCouldn’t hold Him in the ground, couldn’t keep him down
C2 D GRise with a shout, cry out our God’s alive
C2 Em7 GRise Holy Fire burn bright burn bright
C2 D GRise with a shout, cry out for freedom
C2 Em7 GRise church arise, our God’s - alive
Verse 2
Em C/GReigning on His throne, drawing ever close
Em C/GGiving us this hope, He’ll never let us go
Em (G) C (D)Death has been defeated, Jesus Christ Redeemer
Em7 AmConquered Hell and freed us, forever we are saved
Am Em DHe alone can save us He will not forsake us
Am Em DHe remains forever Our Savior
Am G DSee him reign in power Stronger than our failures
Am Em DAlways and forever Our Savior
Outro Em G Am C Em G C Em
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