Andy Davis - I Never See You chords

Song: I Never See You
Artist: Andy Davis
Album: Thinks of Her

This is a relatively easy tab, although Andy includes some more intricate
guitar work that can be figured out by picking around with the barred
version of the chords.

Verse Chords:
Em: 022000
Bm: X24432
A: X02220
Asus: X02230

Chorus Chords:
Em: X79987
Bm: 799777
A: 577655
G: 320033

1st Verse:
Em Bm A Thank God, thank God youíre okay, I couldíve lost you
Em Bm A Asus A You had me afraid
Em Bm A You know when youíre still away, the thoughts in my head, the nails in my bed
Em Bm A Asus A Keep me awake
Em Bm A Did you see how close my feet were to the edge
Em Bm AWhen you came to me, oh do you love?
Em Bm ADo you see that you say that youíre not leaving,
Em G AI want to believe itís true, but I never see you.
2nd Verse: Your voice is only a tease, it never seems to calm my agony, And though Iím a man of faith, itís hard to believe in what you canít see When youíre gone away. Repeat chorus, instrumental (same chords), then chorus again. Tabbed by: Aaron Lane
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