Andy Williams - Cant Get Used To Losing You tab

#2 in 1963.

  A                D      B7       E       B7  D
1.Guess there's no use in hangin' 'round,

A               D          B7     E      B7  D
Guess I'll get dressed and do the town.

F#m                    Bm
I'll find some crowded avenue, 

B7                              E7   Gdim.
Though it will be empty without you.


D                                C#m7
Can't get used to losing you, no matter what

I try to do,
Bm            Bm7                   E7
Gonna live my whole life through - loving you.

   A               D     B7      E      B7  D
2. Called up some girl I used to know,

A       D         B7  E      B7   D
After I heard her say hello,

F#m                           Bm
Couldn't think of anything to say,

B7                                 E7   Gdim.
Since you're gone it happens every day.

Repeat chorus:

  A          D        B7       E    B7  D
3.I'll find somebody, wait and see,

A        D        B7      E7
Who am I kidding? Only me.

       F#m                         Bm
'cause no one else could take your place,

B7                              E7    Gdim.
Guess that I am just a hopeless case.

Repeat chorus:

A mouldy golden oldie from Kraziekhat!
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