Ane Brun – Little Lights chords

Fingering is pretty easy - just listen to the song - stay completely off the high string 
The chords are right, except I have no clue what the coined "WTF#" chord is called, but 
an F# with the 3rd finger moved to the 5th string.

Basic plucking for each chord is 2,3,(45),3,2,(45),3,(45)
For the E's and Em's do 1,2,(34),2,1,(34),2,(34)

B Em BAll of those little lights in the sky
F# B EThey only stick your feet to the ground
WTF# F# BmYou'd better keep your head down
B Em BAll of this little dreams in your mind
F# B EThey only make you wonder why
C#m G#m C#m Bm F#When you wake up you start to cry
BWhen you come home you just want to die
Repeat as above until the end (see below) There was a time you seemed to be fine You were a rock when you were a child Waiting for the turn of the tide You thought the stars were sending you love How come you never wondered why When you came home, you started to cry When you woke up, you wanted to die All of this little lights in the sky If you can make them fall you will rise Just in the knick of time I thought I could be able to find Something to save all I left behind But as I grew up I changed my mind And only remained the stars in the sky
E Bm F#With your innocence flying by
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