Angel Blake - Alone chords

Angel Blake - Alone

Chords as played originally in the song at 0:48
A G FD|-------------------|A|--10----9----------|F|--9-----7----10----|A|-------------10----|G|-------------------|D|-------------------|
All the time I wonder when it all could end Did I try enought or did I just let go? (0:29)
Alone Unknown Alone I'll never know (0:48)
A G A G A G A F Seeing time just pass I wonder where it went
A G A G A G A F Looking back I hope my time was wisely spent
Alone Unknown Alone I'll never know Chorus: (1:25)
A F D G I walk beside you in life of life I'm
A F D deprived, I'm blind to the world
A F DI want to breathe the air that you breathe
G A F DHear rain answering me, I fear I have lost
SOLO (1:46) (2:04)
A G A G A G A F Spending years in dark I wonder how it feels
A G A G A G A F To feel the rays of sun caress my smile again
Alone Unknown Alone I'll never know Chorus (2:43) 2x (3:41)
E G A I won't let the words of divine drown me
E G B I want it to grow
E G A A seemingly timeless caress from
E G Bdeath hunting my soul
DI'm dying tied in lies
Chorus (4:05) 2X Tab by Čufko
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