Angel Olsen – Acrobat tab

Acrobat by Angel Olsen
From album "Half Way Home"
Tabbed by Laxan

The whole song uses the same handpicking pattern. 
I've tried to show it in the tabs, but listen to the track if you can't get it.

Generally, use your thumb for the E and A string, and index for D and G. Simple!

|E e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|----1--------------1-------------------------|D|--------2--2----------2--2-------------------|A|------2--2----------2--2---------------------|E|--0--------------0---------------------------|
You are the crazy acrobat You are the witch, I am your cat
|Am e|---------------------------------------------|B|----1--------------1-------------------------|G|--------2--2----------2--2----------------=--| x2D|------2--2----------2--2---------------------|A|--0--------------0---------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|I want to be a bit like you,
E I hope you don't mindย… if I do I love the way your body's made, I love the way your voice is sex Am To be the whisper upon your ear, E I want to be the bed you mess Prechorus:
| x4 x4 repeat twicee|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|----3--------------1-------------------------|D|--------2--2----------2--2-------------------|A|------2--2----------2--2---------------------|E|--0--------------0---------------------------|
I am alive, I am alive,
Chorus: x8 x8e|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|----2--------------1-------------------------|D|--------1--1----------2--2-------------------|A|------2--2----------2--2---------------------|E|--2--------------0---------------------------|I thought, I thought that I died
E Who cares, I'm not a moralist, I'm just a lady with some time Am I want to be made out of love, E I want to be made into life. I love the way you take a walk And all the things that you see with your eyes, Am Oh to be that distant thought, E Some growing meaning in your mind. Prechorus I am alive, I am alive, Chorus I thought, that I died I thought, that I died.
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