Angels And Airwaves - Letters To God Part 2 tab

I know it's not perfect, but it's the closest i can get (for now at least)

INTRO (Part 1): x16

There are 2 ways to play this: (Chorus, Reverb and Delay (just a bit))

P P P P P P P Pe--8-1-0-1-3-1-0-1--|B-------------------|G-------------------|D-------------------|A-------------------|E-------------------|
Second way: (Chorus, Reverb and Delay (just a bit))
Personally, I like this way with Chorus, Reverb, Delay and Wah with Phaser, playing with mute. INTRO (Part 2): x4
VERSE: (A C F C) Play the INTRO or optionally the notes:
A C F Ce--|-0-|-0-|-1-|-0-|B--|-1-|-1-|-1-|-1-|G--|-2-|-0-|-2-|-0-|D--|-2-|-2-|-3-|-2-|A--|-0-|-3-|-3-|-3-|E--|---|---|-1-|---|
A C All the phones have rung and rung F C Theyre off the hook, all but one A C And all the mail stacked up inside F C Up from the floor, a mile high. And goes on Chorus: (C5 F5 A5 F5) I have serious doubt about it, but I'll post anyway. C5 F5 And dear God, I found out the same things we learn when We die A5 I found out the truth is its all a big lie F5 I find that the words are hard to describe I tell you Im lost here, awaiting reply. Guitar2: (I'm sure about this)
f1 f2 f3 f4e--|-----|-----|-----|-----|B--|-5---|-6---|-8---|-6---|G--|---5-|---5-|---5-|---5-|D--|-----|-----|-----|-----|A--|-----|-----|-----|-----|E--|-----|-----|-----|-----|
f="figure" Switch figure everytime that notes switch. INTRO (Part 2): x2 VERSE CHORUS SOLO: (Delay Chorus Reverb)x2
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