Start The Machine chords with lyrics by Angels And Airwaves - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Angels And Airwaves – Start The Machine chords

START THE MACHINE (Acoustic Interpretation)
by Angels and Airwaves
Tabbed by: The Count of Monte Cristo
Tuning: Standard (Key of E)

INTRODUCTION: This interpretation of the 'tinker-toy/xylophone'
intro has kind of a classical feel.  It sounds best when plucked.
The intro is based around an E chord.

The second part of the intro can be strummed, but the root strings are focused on. Listen to the song so you can consolidate the tab and the rhythm.
Here are the chords used in the rest of the song:
E A2 C#m Bsus Ebe|--0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- B|--0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- G|--9-- --2-- --6-- --4-- --9-- D|--9-- --2-- --6-- --4-- --9-- A|--7-- --0-- --4-- --2-- --6-- E|--0-- --X-- --X-- --X-- --X--
E Eb The ash set in, then blew away,
C#m A2 Bsus It's getting lost into the sea.
E Bsus I grew so close to all the thoughts I had
(Bsus) To leave forever,
C#m A2 I left the chill and voice of screams of kids
BsusAnd ran for shelter.
(same for verse 2) CHORUS:
E You know I won't say sorry,
Eb You know I won't say sorry.
C#m The pain has a bad reaction,
A2 Bsus A blend of fear and passion.
E Bsus You know what it's like to believe,
(Bsus) EIt makes me want to scream.
E I see the stars, they're in your eyes,
A2 BsusA playful kiss, can't you tell I'm excited?
EA fast escape in the nick of time,
A BsusYou lost your wish, can I help you to find it?
EI'm on my knees, just one to start,
A BsusA fresh new start, don't be undecided,
EIf love's the word that you say,
BsusThen say it - I will listen.
EIf love's the word that you say,
BsusThen say it - I will listen.
That's about it. Hope you kind of get the feel for it. Any questions or correcting, just leave some comment love. Cheers, Conde
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