Angels - Love Takes Care tab

The Angels - Love Takes Care

Tabbed By Ben

Note - This tab is loosely based on the Acoustic version from the Angels 1999
live album "Liveline"


E - Esus a few times
B - A -E
A - B
F# - A - E

Verse 1
B					   A		E
I've seen you in the moonmist, where i've lived before
B					   A		E
and i've seen you in the courtyard, of a thousand doors
A				   B
when i thought that you were all alone
F#	     A		  E
love, takes care, of its own

Verse 2
B				 A	      E
it's a phony situation, you bring on yourself
B				     A	      E
when you start to think, there's nobody else
A				         B
spread your wings, the sun ain't made of stone
     F#	          A	       E
and love, takes care, of its own

looking at the skyline, its so fine
			     E	    B	 A
this time, this time with, yooooo-ooooo-oouu
		   E	 B     A
this time with, yooooo-ooooo-oouu

this time baby yeah

E - B - A

Solo (over break chords)

Verse 3
	 B		   A				E
now let all the critics laugh, they'll be the first to leave
	B		   A		   E
who can't adjust, to the truth, of make-beleive
A				   B
pour that wine i'm aching, to the bone
 F#	       A	   E
love, takes care, of its own

Repeat Verses 1 and 2 again

Awesome Song - Enjoy

	    MoRaLiTy? - No ChAnCe!
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