Angry Amputees – Want Dead tab

Angry Amputees - Want Dead
By: Leonardo Talarico

Intro : Bb

Base :Bb D# C

O riff serve pra parte que ela faz a base e toca o riff a base é a mesma Bb D# C Bb D# C What am I supposed to do, when there's no getting over you? Bb D# C What am I supposed to say when I know that you're miles away Bb D# C How could it be that you don't even know my name? Bb D# C What will I do when there's no one but you? G Bb D# C Well many people say that I should let you go your way G Bb D# F But in my head I know that I will seize the day (Riff Com 0utra guitarra em cima do G menos na ultima frase:''High and..'') Bb D# C So many people think that I've gone a little mad Bb D# And everyone around me says that I should pack up C And find a better Fuck plan Bb D# C But who am I to fake when I wish we were together baby Bb D# C High and dray I find myself alone, and it's no better Refrão Bb F D# C If you don't want me Well I just want you dead Bb( com riff) D# I find it hard to live when all I want is you Bb F D# C The key to misery when I'm by myself and thinking Bb That nothing will ever take your place But no one will ever walk away Bb (riff) Bb From me but all I really have to say Bb F D# C All I want is you! Well I just want you dead! But you're killing me instead. All I want is you!
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