Angry Samoans – My Old Mans A Fatso tab

Angry Samoans
"My Old Man's a Fatso"

8x 4x 1x 1x 1x Verse Locked in my bedroom Looking at the pictures on the wall I need a little elbow room I need space man that ain't all
------------- ------------- ------------- -------------|------------- ------------- ------------- -------------|-----7------- ------------- ------4------ -------------|-----7------- ------7------ ------4------ ------5------| X3-----5------- ------7------ ------2------ ------5------|------------- ------5------ ------------- ------3------| X4 X4 X4 X3
Verse Get home first thing you know My folks jump right on my case Get a job put the dishes out Put the trash back in its place Someday when I'm a man I'm gonna put them in their place
------------- ------------- -------------|------------- ------------- -------------|-----7-x-x--- ------------- -----4-------|-----7-x-x--- ------7-x-x-- -----4-------| X4-----5-x-x--- ------7-x-x-- -----2-------|------------- ------5-x-x-- -------------| X1 X1 X8
Chorus My old man's a fatso Hes got a potbelly for a mouth My old man's a fatso But ya know he owns this house
Solo---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|--11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-14-13-14-13-9-9-9-9------|---------------------------------------------------| X2---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|
Bridge------------- ----------------|------------- ----------------| 2X------4------ ------7---------|------4------ ------7---------|------2------ ------5---------|------------- ----------------| 2x 2x
E|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------4--------2--|D|--5--7--4--5--2--2--| 2XA|--5--7--2--5--2--0--|E|--3--5-----3--0-----|
4X 4X 1X 1X 1X 1X Verse Verse Chorus Solo Bridge Verse Verse Chorus Remaining lyrics Locked inside the classroom Staring at the dots up on the wall My teachers are all retards I need out and baby that ain't all I don't care about textbooks Or the jews that discovered Spain Or my parents dirty looks I wanna leave this town and take a train Cause my old mans a fatso Hes got a bathtub for a mouth my old mans a fatso But you know he owns this house Cruising on the highway It feels so good to see open space I don't feel like a prisoner I don't feel like a basket case I turn the radio up to ten And i know I've found my place Cause my old mans a fatso he's got a bathtub for a mouth My old mans a fatso But you know he owns this house I don't take any credit for this. I found it on another site and decided to share it UG. If you find mistakes, please leave a comment.
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