Bella tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Angus And Julia Stone - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Angus And Julia Stone – Bella tab ver. 2

Bella - Angus and Julia Stone

Tuning: Standard

Capo 1. Though, in some live versions, his guitar is tuned down half a step - same 
as no capo on a standard tuned guitar.

itsmadeline previously tabbed this, but some of the chords and the picking is just slightly off.

Main chords:
-Aadd9: 002420
-Unsure of the name, A1: 020220 
-E: 022100
-Unsure of the name, A2: 200220
-Unsure of the name, A3: 050230 (if it is too hard to put your pinky on the 5th 
fret of the A string, 000230 sounds fine)
-A: 002220


e|------------------------------------| \B|-0h2p0--------2--------0h2----------| \G|-4------------3---------------------| |D|-2------2---------2-------------2---| | A|-0--------0---------0---------------| |E|-0------------------------------0---| |
> x2e|------------------------------------| |B|-0h2p0--------2--------0h2----------| |G|-4------------3---------------------| | On the last one, there isD|-0------0---------0-----------------| | no 0h2 at the end, it's A|-0--------0---------0---------------| / just one pick on the 2nd E|-0----------------------------------| / fret.
VERSE: (Travis picking pattern)
Aadd9e|--0------------|B|----------2----|G|------4--------| x4D|----2-------2--|A|--0-----0------|E|---------------|
During the verse, it's the same picking pattern as above using chords Aadd9 then A1, with random hammer ons every no and then, listen to the song or that, they're easy to find. End verse with:
Aadd9e|-0-------------|B|---------2-----|G|-----4---------| x 4D|---2-------2---|A|-0-----0-------|E|---------------|
E A2 A3 Ae|---------------|---------------|----------------|-----------------|B|--0-------0----|--2-------2----|--3--------3----|--2--------2-----|G|------1--------|------2--------|-------2--------|------2----------| x3D|----2-------2--|----0-------0--|-----0-------0--|----2--------2---|A|---------------|---------------|--5------5------|--0------0-------|E|--0-----0------|--2-----2------|----------------|-----------------|
E A2 A3 A3e|---------------|---------------|----------------|--0--------------|B|--0-------0----|--2-------2----|--3--------3----|----------3------|G|------1--------|------2--------|-------2--------|------2----------|D|----2-------2--|----0-------0--|-----0-------0--|----0--------2---|A|---------------|---------------|--5------5------|--5-----5--------|E|--0-----0------|--2-----2------|----------------|-----------------|
Repeat that last bar 5 times, during "...I hope all is well.." ***Repeat everything twice but end last verse with Aadd9 and A1 played twice instead of 4 times and no chorus. ***End the whole song by downward strumming Aadd9. IN SOME LIVE VERSIONS: -Angus plays slower with another pluck of the G string in the picking pattern, but it sounds fine as written above and this is how it's played on the album version. Lyrics: Verse 1 There goes the gal In the pretty skirt with the Golden smile that made you feel new Like when the marching band strolls the street You know another years come too soon So you took her hand and she gave a look that sent you to the moon And there you spoke the words of a gentleman Can I have this dance with you Can I share this dance with you Chorus Won't you come on home I built us a flying machine And we'll go where you want and we'll sail the seven seas I hope all is well in daisys dreams Verse 2 There goes the gal Yeah the pretty bird on the golden mile that made you feel real She took withon to the stars She don't make no big deal There she sits with them big old fields of daisies and rusted mills And when the sun it shines on her hair of gold She's beautiful She's beautiful Chorus Won't you come on home I built us a flying machine And well go where you want well sail the seven seas I hope all is well in daisys dreams Da de de da da
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