Angus And Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane tab version 7

/ is slidese----------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------------|b--2/9--6--9\1--2|--2/9--6--9--4--2|--2/9--6--9\1--2|--2/9--6--9--4--2--1-2|g----------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------------|d----------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------------|a----------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------------|e----------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------------|
And the strumming is just palm-muted barre chords barre E- 9th fret barre Em- 6th fret barre Em- 1st fret play that through the entire song, and every fourth time you play that, there is a barre E 4th fret. otherwise, you could play it through with a capo on the first fret so it's like C,Am,Em C,Am,Em C,Am,Em C,Am,Em,G Listen to the song, and this should all make sense!
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