Angus And Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane chords ver. 3

Big Jet Plane                                           Angus & Julia Stone

C Am EmShe said, hello mister, Pleased to meet ya
C Am Em GI want to hold her, I want to kiss her,
C Am EmShe smell the daisy, She smell the daisy,
C Am
Em GShe drive me crazy, She drive me crazy
C Am EmGonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane
C Am Em GGonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane
C Am Em GYeah, hey Yeah, hey
C Am EmBe my lover My lady river
C Am Em GBut can i take ya, Take ya higher
Repeat Chorus: Interlude
F G AmGonna hold you, Gonna kissing my arms
F G AmGonna take you, Away from home
Repeat Chorus
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