Angus And Julia Stone - Just A Boy tab version 1

Angus And Julia Stone - Just a Boy
Tabbed By Michael Higgins

Intro: Am  Em  F  C
       Am  Em  F  F

Verse: Am       Em
       I bit my tongue in the
       F            C
       arc of conversation
       Am          Em
       I dont know why
       F           C
       I dont know why

       Am        Em
       I met you once and i've
       F               C
       fallen for your notions
       Am          Em
       I dont know why
       F           C
       I dont know why

       Am  Em   F   F

       Am     Em
       Do you believe that there's
       F               C
       Treasures in the ocean
       Am    Em             F    C
       Did I say i'm just a boy...

       Am            Em
       One kiss from you and i'm
       F                C
       drunk up on your potion
       Am           Em
       That big old smile is all you
       F     C

       G        Am              F    C
       Girl you make me want to feel ...
       G           Am         F    C
       Things i've never felt before ...
       G        Am              F    C
       Girl you make me want to feel ...
       G     Am               F     C
       Did I say I was just a boy ...
       G     Am               F
       Did I say I was just a boy
       You can hold me to that ...

Harmonica solo

The Guitar to this part is

Am  Em  F  C
Am  Em  F  C
Am  Em  F  C
Am  Em  F  F

I have transcribed the harmonica on a guitar as

Verse: Same as first verses, but with these lyrics: No lonely hands grab my suitcase full of nothing I don't know why I don't know why You took me in gave me something to believe in That big old smile is all you wore ... Chorus Girl you make me want to feel Things I never felt before Girl you make me want to feel Did I say I'm just a boy Did I say I'm just a boy You can hold me to that... Harmonica Solo: Am Em F C Am Em F C Am Em F C Am Em F F
Chorus Girl you make me want to feel Things I never felt before Girl you make me want to feel Did I say I'm just a boy Did I say I'm just a boy... I have also tabbed the overdubs that the piano plays during the verse and chorus Verse
This is played by the piano with thirds but it will sound good if u just play on the e string Well that’s bout it, cheers
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