Ani Difranco - Evolve tab

Evolve – Ani DiFranco

Tabbed by: wardly

Tuning:  Open D

While these are the fundamental notes, the rhythm is the key thing. The open D tuning
all of the rhythm, muted strings, chords and partial chords, etc that Ani does in the
Trying to pull it off in another tuning really won’t work (in my opinion). She 
pretty freely between using measure 2a or 2b, and occasionally uses 2c and just holds the

Hit the third string (F#) sparingly while strumming, but it is in there! The tension
the major/minor 3rd is one of the keys to this tune.

Harmonics:  5th fret (listen to recording, only uses a few times)

Also uses heavy vibrato/bend occasionally on the low F

  Measure 1         Measure 2a       Measure 2b	     Measure 2c (hold note)

D|---0------------|---0------------|---0------------|----------------| A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|F#|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|----------------|--------0-------|--------0-------|----------------| A|------0-3-------|------0---0-----|------0---------|----------------| D|0-----------3---|0-----------3---|0---------4-3---|5---------------|
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