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Ani Difranco – Gravel tab

Ani Difranco
Little Plastic Castles

Standard tuning

Song is basically 3 open chords with a lot of partial chords and hammer-ons and her 
signature staccato style. Sounds a lot harder than it is.

Listen to the song to get the feel for the really fast chord strums and the hammer-ons.

I figured this out from a combination of YouTube videos and listening to the song. I 
play it this way live. Hard to find Ani tabs so I wrote out this one for the Ani fans out there.


F Am GE|-------11--0----------00--------3--3333--|B|-------11--1----------11--------0--0000--|G|--0h2--22--2----0h2-------------0--0000--| repeat X12 until chorusD|--0h3--33--2----0h2----------------------|A|---------------------------0h2-----------|E|---------------------------0h3-----------|
(I heard the) sound of your bike (hit Am on "bike") As your wheels hit the gravel (hit G on "gravel") etc. Chorus:
F G F AmE|--1--x-/3----3--3333----1--x----0--0000--|B|--1--x-/3----3--3333----1--x----1--1111--|G|--2--x-/4----4--4444----2--x----2--2222--| repeat X3D|--3--x-/5----5--5555----3--x----2--2222--|A|-----------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
You came crawling back to say You wanna make good in the end Oh ho let me count the ways
Fmaj7 CE|--0-------0----|B|--1-------1----|G|--2-------0----| X1D|--3-------2----|A|----------3----|E|---------------|
I abhor... you (first time) I adore... you (second time) Repeat Verse x12 (might be x13) Repeat Chorus with new lyrics She sort of goes on and on here. I prefer to cut it off. Finish with verse X2, ending on the G, letting it ring: F Am G I heard the sound of your bike As your wheels hit the gravel F Am G and your engine in the driveway cutting off
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