Ani Difranco - Lost Woman Song tab

			  Lost Woman Song - Ani  Difranco
Tabbed by: Jessy Wilson

Tuning: EADGBd
Drop your high e down to a d

Tempo is real upbeat so you have to keep up for it to sound right...
she lets a lot of the notes ring *important*
Just listen to the song while playing and you will get it right away.

h = hammer
/ = slide up
* = let note ring

These are the basic patterns through out the song..listen to hear how many times she
plays each REMEMBER keep up. trust me it will sound so good if you do.

d|--------0----------------0--------0----|B|----------0----------------------------|G|-----1-------1--------1--------1-------| D|------------------0---------0----------| A|---------------------------------------|E|--0------------------------------------|
d|---------------------------------------|B|----------2-h-3-/-5--------------------|G|--------------0---0*-------------------| D|----------2----------------------------|A|----------0---0*--0*-------------------|E|---------------------------------------|
Great song. Great lyrics. Play and have fun Any comments for questions. Just e-mail me. Good luck
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