Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes tab ver. 2

		     SUMMERTIME CLOTHES - Animal Collective

Tabbed by: rikky

Tuning: Standard

this song is around 136bpm, in the key of C#m/Emaj.

the other tab (chords v2) had the chords down pretty good, so i thought i'd throw out 
i play the riffs.

the times mark the first occurrence, but the song is very sample based so they appear at 
points throughout the song.

Riff 1 (0:04)

easy as that, just power chords. there's distortion and delay which makes it sound awesome. Riff 2 (0:32)
*|--U-D-U-D-U--U-D-U-D-U--|-|---(picking pattern)----|
playing it the first way is easier for me (although it's a stretch on acoustic guitars), hammering the middle finger on the six and doing some fast alternate picking. the second way is better if you're planning on capo'ing 7 or you barre it yourself. if you do use a capo on 7, you can play version 2's chords like so (although they'll be high): A Asus4 D E in place of E Esus4 A B Riff 3 (1:16)
this is a very high synth that you'll miss if you blink. it's too soft for me to tab with full confidence, but this works pretty well.
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