Animal Collective – Essplode chords

			     ESSPLODE - Animal Collective
Tabbed by: Francis

Chords E D# A G#me|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|---9----9----9-----9----|A|---7----6---------------|E|-------------5-----4----|
EAwake in the mornin'
D#I wonder often
AThe lights are bright in the day
G#mShe decided to stay
EI took her gently
D#Leap long and often
AAnd she's pale
G#mbut her parade will end at the train
EShe said, 'come on baby
D#open your eyes'
AGot to stop all that ringing
ECome on baby
D#Give us a rise
ANot to get all that smiling
EAnd the air smells like wine
D#But when i'm fucking you lately
AAnd you *inaudible scream*
Kissing your wall
G#mBut your mouth was okay
EBut if you wait for a minute
D#You'll swallow your words
ASo just gently descent on a day
G#mand a blanket may lay
EThen finally you will open your eyes
D# AWhen the pillows are piling
EAnd the air smells like honey
D#But when i'm fucking you lately
Aand you *inaudible scream*
G#mKisses your wall
But your mouth was okay
E(?And i only seek ya?)
D#Down by the river
Awith a blank on my mind
I dropped the ball and i'm singing
Ethis song like a teacher could say,
D#"Your lessons are long,
Abut you grow and remain."
G#m(Half a shadow you'll be)
B A EWalkin' in the sunshine
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