Animal Collective - Doggy chords version 2

This is just a rough sketching of it in standard tuning. When played with the real song 
sounds completely different, but alone it sounds nice. The first part is sliding barre 
up the neck and then back down. A star denotes barre for example Am* mostly for ease of playing.

G* Am* Bm* F# Bm Bm(o)e|--3---5---7---2---2---0-------|B|--3---5---7---2---3---3-------|G|--4---5---7---3---4---4-------|D|--5---7---9---4---4---4-------|A|--5---7---9---4---2---0-------|E|--3---5---7---2---2-----------|
Intro: G*
Am* Bm* Am* G* F#Dog of height in the trees
CWon't you come down doggy
Such a sweet doggy
AmI brought you your dinner
Bm(o) Am Bm G*My doggy i miss you kissing from my palm
BmI remember when i first got you doggy
D Am G*But you lay there so still doggy
D AmYou lay there
G*So still
Dog who fell to the ground Twisted your neck doggy Don't look right doggy The bet came with sutures He said Dave Hay the doctor cannot save you dog But I remember when I first got you dog You lay there so still dog You lay there so still Dog of depth in the dirt They buried you deep doggy You�re the best doggy My friend has a doggy She's real nice dog I wish you could chase her round my yard I remember when I first got you dog But you lay there so still doggy You lay there so still
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