Animal Liberation Orchestra - Brother Be Strong tab

Intro, Main Riff x 1e-------5---3-5---5-5---5----5---3-2~-3---------5----3-2~-3--------5--3-4-5~-|B-------5---3-5---7-7---5----5---3-2~-3---------5----3-2~-3--------5--3-4-5~-|G----5h6----4-6---7-7---6-5h6----4-2~-4------5h6-----4-2~-4-----5h6---4-5-6~-|D--7--------5-7---7-7---7--------5-4~-5----7---------5-4~-5---7-------5-6-7~-|A-----------------5-5--------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------| A G A (D(D) A G F#m G A G F#m G A G G# A
A G A DD Be Strong Son....... A G F#m G Be strong for your own protection A G F#m G Project yourself out in every direction A G G# A You got to Be Strong Son All Verses are indentical Bridge:
Chorus and La La's just A G E
-Avrraf Tabbed from 12/31/2005 "The Mountain House" live recording
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