Animals As Leaders – To Lead You To An Overwhelming Question tab

Here's the intro part of Animals As Leaders' "To Lead You To An Overwhelming 
Question" from their 2011 album "Weightless", only the first 17 seconds that can 
be played worthy on poor 6 strings. Notes should be 100% correct, listen to the 
song for the exact slightly free-timed rhythm & enjoy.!*

Tuning: Standard, top 6 strings (EADGBE) of originally 8 strings |(F#BEADGBE)

/ - slide
~ - vibrato
h - hammer on

played 2 times; let ring slightly ~E|----------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------2--------------2------------|G|-----------0------4-----2---------------------------------|D|------0---0-----------1---2h3----------------3------------|A|--3/4---3-----------3-----------2-1----------1------------|E|----------------0-----------------------------------------|
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