Animals That Swim - East St Oneill chords

Intro: F#m A F#m A Bm A

F#m A Someone got shot dead 'round here.
F#m A Bm D People left flowers by the Ribena stains on the pavement.
F#m D A Bm DFriends, neighbours, strangers.
F#m A F#mA million blooms, one day dusty, the next wet and ragged.
A Bm DSo, guess what? I took them all home with me
F#m D A Bm D in a wheelbarrow and filled the bathroom from floor to ceiling, and listen,
F#m A there was no devine damnation
F#m A no cosmic retribution.
Bm D F#mOnce the petals wilted, I pressed them all flat in the largest book I've got.
D A Bm D F#m Bm A F#mOn wet days, the ghost sits in the kitchen leafing through it.
Bm A F#m He's not grey or wraith-like,
Bm A F#m Bm A F#m but bright and solid,
Bm A F#mlike a new bike.
D A Bm D F#mLooks at the faded colours and plays the radio too loud,
D A Bm Dand makes a damn mess of fag butts and tea leaves.
Outro: F#m D A Bm D x 3
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