Animals – Weve Gotta Get Out Of This Place tab

Song Title- We've Gotta' Get Out Of This Place
Artist- The Animals
Guitarist- Hilton Valentine
Year- 1965
Standard EADGBE Tuning
Transcribed by- Sponge

What a Great Song! Just want to apoligise first off all for my timing because its way off sorry.

Verse Guitar comes in at about 0:22 its really easy to add your own little licks on the 
so feel free to experiment. I use A minor Pentatonic but use whatever scale you want.

Clean Guitar- Verse

e------|B------|G-2/3-5D-2/3-5 (Add your licks here) Repeat As NeccesaryA------|E------|
Chorus- Clean Guitar (Sorry timing is wrong but these are the chords)
F Bb C F G C F Bb C De------------------------------|B------------------------------|G----3--5--------5-----3--5--7-|D-3--3--5--3--5--5--3--3--5--7-|A-3--1--3--3--5--3--3--1--3--5-|E-1--------1--3-----1----------|
Post Chorus- Clean Guitar (Again Sorry for timing)
Ending is the same as Post Chorus Thats The Whole Song Structure Intro/Verse Chorus Post Chorus Verse Chorus Post Chorus Chorus Post Chorus Ending/Post Chorus Thats It Finished Im pretty sure its 100%.
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