Animals – Good Times tab

good times

verses 1,2 C D G when I think of all the good times that ive wasted having good times when I think of all the good times thats been wasted having good times
pre choruss Em D (1)when I was drinking i should have been thinking (2)all of my lying i remember her crying (3)useless talking all of that walking when I was fighting i could have done the right thing my useless talking i could have been walking all of my sinning i could have been winning all of that boozing i was really losing instead of complaining i could have been gaining i had it to easy and its a beginning Em good times
Em good times interlude (w/verse chords) yeah here we all are having a jolly good time everything is working out fine
G Em---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|-3-2-1-0-|
outro Em G good times said good times talking about good times
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