Animals – House Of The Rising Sun chords ver. 3

Left handed
Here is what I beleive to be the correct picking technique for the song.  The chords you
need to know are Am, C, D, F and E.  Th order they appear in is as follows:  Am, C, D,
F, Am, E, Am, E.  These chords repeat throughuot the whole song in that order without 
stop.  Here is the tab technique.

Play the root note of all the chords and let it ring out.  Then simply play an up-down
arpeggio on the chords, but I only play the root note and the bottom 3 notes on certain
chords, as follows:

Am C D FE-----------0----------------0--------------2--------------1--------|B---------1---1------------1---1----------3---3----------1---1------|G-------2-------2--------2-------2------2-------2------2-------2----|D-------------------------------------0~-------------3~-------------|A----0~---------------3~--------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am E Am EE-----------0---------------0----------------0--------------0------|B---------1---1-----------0---0------------1---1----------0---0----|G-------2-------2-------1-------1--------2-------2------1-------1--|D------------------------------------------------------------------|A----0~------------------------------0~----------------------------|E--------------------0~-------------------------------0~-----------|
INTRO Am C D F Am E Am E Verse
Am C D FThere is a house in New Orleans
Am E Am EThey call the Rising Sun
Am C D FAnd it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
Am E Am C D F
Am E Am EAnd God I know I'm one
Am C D FMy mother was a tailor
Am E Am EShe sewed my new bluejeans
Am C D FMy father was a gamblin' man
Am E Am C D F
Am E Am EDown in New Orleans
The whole song follows his structure, I dont know the keyboard solo tab, but when i get it i'll post it. All opinions are welcome at or at my Utimate Guitar profile Garizard1. Thanks For Reading!
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