Anna Ternheim - All Shadows tab

Anna Ternheim - All Shadows - Acoustic Live version


as play on the 2012 Tour - the album version is a bit different but the
Chors are more or less the same

Capo 4th Fret! Chords are given in relation to capo so keep in mind that

"Em" actually is G#m.


Verse -------------------------- play alternately: Em (022000) / E/Gb (222000) and G something (x2000x) alternate with (x0000x) or pick like this: verse pattern (Em / G)
2x 2xe---------------------|---------------------------------------|B--------------------.|------(0)----(0)-----------------------|G-----(0)----(0)------|-------0------0------------------------|D------2------2-------|----0-------0--------------------------|A----2------2--------.|---2------0----------------------------|E--0------2-----------|---------------------------------------|
Intro part
All Shadows -------------- Intro Em pattern There is the one ceiling the lies G pattern A fine veil over your eyes Em pattern Even the ocean, holding the tide G pattern Your hopes while you’re slaving for time Intro part Em pattern This is the one who knows no regret G pattern Who knows who you are You’ve never met but Em pattern One day he’ll find you Where ever you are G pattern Owner of land he never walked on C G Dsus All shadows, even the sun All shadows, even the sun All shadows, even the sun Am Dsus Without a doubt he knows how to count your tears Intro Verse There is the one ceiling the lies A fine veil over your eyes Wake up one day and you’ll realize how Hard you’ve been running most of your life Chorus All shadows, even the sun All shadows, even the sun Without a doubt he knows how to count your tears Intro part C Em He waves at the old with his back to the wall C Em Waves at the young, the lost, the bored Am Dsus Giving the sad eye while in his mind Am Dsus You’re not adding straws to the pile Em pattern Maybe he’ll give you a few more years G pattern Placing the time glass on your stairs Am Em Dsus From that day life’s caving in Am Em Dsus You’ll blame yourself, no one ever blames him All shadows, All shadows, All shadows, even the sun Without a doubt he knows how to count your tears
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