Annuals – Dry Clothes tab

Dry Clothes by Annuals
Be He Me, 2006

Tabbed by Thomas Buhler
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Tuned 1/2 step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb). All chords and tabs relative to tuning.

D      - xx0232 (play in OUTRO as x57775)
A      - x02220 (play in CHORUS as 577655)
E      - 022100
B      - x24442
Abmaj7 – 4776xx
F#m    - 244222
D#     - x68886
Db     - x46664

          D        A             E            D
There's a knapsack rally for the stranger who told 
     D             A             B B B B
Of a spider, and a purple toad. 
D              A          E             D
  The things I heard were wretched, and slurred. 
       D                 A      B  B     B B
Oh, my ears would be cut off at mention.

A                     Abmaj7                    F#m
   But you -    don't have to cut -         it off. 
  (I only feel like living when I feel like I'm dying.)
F                   A               Abmaj7       F#m   F F F E
  Just give it some time. Your baby boy, he only naps. 

SOLO: (play solo in dotted rhythm. Notes in brackets are very hard or 
impossible to play [with the use of one single guitar]. Use the x’s at the 
top of the tab to determine beat rhythm. I apologize for the difficulty of 
reading this tab :D.)

|x x x x |x x x x |x x x x |x x x x eb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------------------|Bb|--------5-------|----------------|--------5-------|----------------------------|Gb|------6-----6---|------6-7---9---[9/0]--6-----6---|----------------------------|Db|----7---------7-|6-7-9-----------|----7---------7-|6---4--[4h6p4]2-------------|Ab|--5-------------|----------------|--5-------------|----------------------------|Eb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------------------|
|x x x x |x x x x |x x x x |x x x x | eb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|Bb|--------5-------|----------------|--------5-------|----------------|Gb[9/0]--6-----6---|------6-7-9-11-9[9/0]--6-----6---|----------------|Db|----7---------7-|6-7-9-----------|----7---------7-|6---4---6---2---|Ab|--5-------------|----------------|--5-------------|----------------|Eb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
VERSE 2: D A E D So mother bug don't you bite your tongue D A B B B B Because there's nothing else to do for your son. D A E D He rose the dead. He's been sharing his bed D A B B B B With the only one he never loved. VERSE 3: D A E D So why should you cry for the D A B B B B License plate of a colder state? D A E D Should you talk of the son on the run, D A B B B B Your tongue will be ripped out by ducklings. CHORUS: A Abmaj7 F#m Oh, you don't have to cut it off. F A Abmaj7 F#m F F F E Just give it some time. Your baby boy, he only naps. CHORUS: A Abmaj7 F#m I only feel like living when I feel like I'm dying. F A Abmaj7 F#m F F F E Just give it some time. Your baby boy, he only naps. VERSE 4: (play only bass note instead of chord) D A E D Well Missy, sure you can look through my drawers. D A B I've got nothing to hide. (play as chords again) D A E D So, crying soul don't you tally the toll because D A B Where’s the love in counting? D D# Db (x1) OUTRO: D D D D D# Db Dry clothes, dry clothes, dry clothes, dry clothes [x6] End on D
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