Annuals – Bleary-eyed tab

Bleary-Eyed by Annuals
Be He Me, 2006

Tabbed by Thomas Buhler
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Tuned 1/2 step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb). All chords and tabs relative to tuning.

C   - x32010
Am  - x02210
Em  - 022000
F   - 133211
G   - 355433

C Am Em F (x2)

C          Am     Em     F  
Green-leaf dawn implies 
C         Am       Em    F
Something sweet in mind. 
         G                        F
But it’s still your fingers in my back pocket. 
G                                   F     
  Makes me wonder why I sit here so tall, 
                       C       Am Em F
And why I run from the walls. 

C Am Em F (x1)

C               Am          Em             F
Critters by the litter come gushing out my eyes,
     C         Am        Em      F 
Like fears yet worth the fright. 
    C         Am              Em              F
So, pour me a drink, and I’ll spill this dark ink.
     C             Am      Em    F 
I’ll tell you it’s all for you, 

       G                         F     
But it ain’t it’s just my way of coping  
G                            F
  With this bleary-eyed baby girl.
G                           F         
  Well, it’s just my way of coping 
G                            F                         C
  With this bleary-eyed baby girl, dying on my kitchen floor.

SOLO: (the solo varies from different live versions of this song, but this should be close to the CD version of the song.) C Am Em Feb|----------------|----------------|---------------10h12---10--8---7-|Bb|8-------10------|----------------|----------------|----------------|Gb|----------9-----|9---9-7-9/10-9p7|9-----7h9p7-5---|----------------|Db|----------------|----------------|--------------0-|----------------|Ab|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|Eb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
C Am Em Feb|7-----8---------|----12h13-12----|----------------|----------------|Bb|----------------|------------13-8|10--8-----------|6h8---6---5---3-|Gb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|Db|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|Ab|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|Eb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
C Am Em Feb|----0-3-5-8-5-3-|----------------|----------------|----------------|Bb|1-3-------------|5---5-8-5-------|5-3-1-3---------|----------------|Gb|----------------|----------------|--------0-------|----------------|Db|----------------|----------------|----------------|-----(3)-(2)-(0)|Ab|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|Eb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
C Am Em Feb|----------0-358-|10-8-10-8-10-12-|12--------------|----------------|-Bb|----------------|----------------|-13-8-865-5-3-1-|----------------|1Gb|----------------|----------------|----------------|5/4-5/4-5/4-5/4-|-Db|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|-Ab|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|-Eb|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|- (fades into next part)--^C Am Em F (x2) (play bass notes only)
BRIDGE (x1) End on C
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