Another Sunny Day - You Should All Be Murdered chords

Pretty easy song to play. Enjoy! 
Tab by edwould. Sarah is here!

F COne day, when the world is set to rights
Bb FI'm going to murder all the people I don't like
F CThe people who have left me down without reserve
Bb FThe people who are cruel to those that don't deserve
Gm The people who talk too much
DmThe people who don't care
Am DmThe people whose lives are going nowhere
GmThe people who just give in
DmThe people who don't fight
Am DmThe people I don't like
The people who broke my heart so bad it never mends The people who wrecked my life & all my so-called friends The people who don't know when to forget & forgive. These are the people who do not deserve to live. The people who talk too much, The people who don't care The people whose lives just leave me crying in despair The people who told me I was wrong & they were right The people I don't like.
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