Anouk – If You Were Mine tab

Vind het een vet liedje en de andere chords kloppen niet helemaal die er staan, dus heb 
maar mijn eigen versie gemaakt. Capo moet op 2.

G               Em

I lay my weapon down
Won´t fight no more
G        Em           Bm
Tryin´to get you by my side
G             Em           Bm
Though I have been in love before
Cadd9            D
But they could never
Take my clouds away

Em                G
Babe if you were mine
Em                Bm
I wont hestitate at all
Em               G
You just let me know
Em                 Bm
I´ll be the one to catch your fall
Cadd9         G
Anything you need
Em            Bm
Don´t keep me away
Em             G
You make me so confused
Em                      Bm
The one I love loves someone else

Repeat it like the first couplet.
Don´t stop the music it feels good
It keeps my mind of me missing you
Keep the rain away
There is nothing for me here
Without you by my side

Chorus: just like the first one


D                C
Baby what´s it gonna be
Is it gonna be her or me
Tell me what I have to do
´cause I know that I´m good for you

Chorus again.

G              Bm
Babe if you were mine
G             Bm
If you were mine
Babe if you were mine
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