Anouk - Fading chords

Anouk      Fading      

D , Dsus4, D , Em , G    2x
Em , G , D , A , G     2x

D / Dsus4 I got my head in the clouds
EmRunning from the thunder
G DProud as I can be I am
Dsus4 DWaiting for the grey to
Emreplace the black in me
GDaddy, will the sun come up again
Em G DYou and me, we fail to see
A GNothing lasts forever
Em G DIt's plain to see, you will agree
A GIt's hard to stay together
DWill we keep the thieves away
Dsus4 D Will we both remember
Em To make the best of every chance
GOr will we just surrender
DShouldn't we be making
Dsus4 DAny effort needed to
Em GStop our dreams from fading
D,Dsus4,D,Em,G The sky is fading black to blue We should be together I am runnin' out of faith And it takes something more each time Before I put my heart in your hands daddy You and me, did we fail to see No one stays together No it won't be easy You will agree To make this a forever Will we keep the thieves away Will we both remember To make the best of every chance Or will we just surrender Shouldn't we be making Any effort needed to Stop our dreams from fading Fading, fading, fading, fading, ooh
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