Anouk – Michel chords

Hint: if you see (picking) pick the chords like the 2nd part of the intro. I left out 
the 'sus'-es. So you can see for yourself when you have to pick what :)
Have fun playing it!

Dsus2:  xx0230
D:      xx0232
Asus:   x02230
A: x02220Gsus26: 3x0230
G: 320033
Intro-----e|------0---------|B|3---3-----3-----|G|--2-----------2-|D|----------------| x4A|----------------|E|----------------| 1 2 3 4
Dsus2 Asus Gsus26e|------0---------|------0---------|------0-------0-|------0--------|B|----3-----3-----|----3-----3-----|----3-----3-----|--3-------3----|G|--2-----------2-|--2-----------2-|--2---------2---|----2-------2--|D|0---------------|----------------|----------------|---------------| x2 (=2nd part)A|----------------|0---------------|----------------|---------------|E|----------------|----------------|3---------------|---------------| 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Verse ----- (keep picking)
D A GHey Michel how's life are you ok
D A GI wonder if you ever think of me
D A GIt's been 9 years since that kiss
AI can't help but reminisce
D A GHey Michel do you remember
Chorus ------ (strum chords)
DWe walked the street to the beat
A GHand in hand you and me
DSmiling faces so in love
A GHoping that they all could see
A D A GThat we belonged together you and me against the world
A D A GBut we found out the hard way cause it wasn't meant to be
(pick G like this)e|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|B|------3-------3-|------3-------3-|G|--0-------0-----|--0-------0-----|D|----------------|----------------|A|----------------|----------------|E|3---------------|----------------| 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Now it's you and her I see
-> Play 2nd part intro Verse ----- (picking)
D A GYou were my first and worst love
D A GAnd so it only could go wrong
D A GBut ain't that just the way you learn
D A GHey Michel I just wanted to let you know
D A GThat someone else has stolen my heart
D A GAnd now another girl has caught your eye
D A/E G/D A/C# (the /X are bassnotes, don't mind) That doesn't mean I don't think of you
D A GI am just hoping that she'll treat you right
Do you remember -> Play Chorus Coda ---- (picking)
D A G D A G It was just a silly dream
D A Glalalaaah laah laah laah laah
D A Glalalaaah laah laah laah laah laah
D A Glalalaaah laah laah laah laah
D A GHey Michel, do you remember
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