Anouk – Save Me tab

The whole song goes like this (I think).
Just put your hand in the  D Power chord. (A string, fifth fret)
(Dutch Tip: Probeer je wijsvinger op de A snaar te leggen en de ringvinger op de zevende 
fret, zo hoef je niet te schuiven)
     Intro = ×4       Then...
Then figure a bit out how the song his loop goes. Don't worry about the part where the song goes: "And now you've got me thinking." etc. There is no guitar. With the 7h8->7, you just put your pinkie on the 8th fret and let go and let the note go automatically to the 7th fret on your ring finger. (I forgot the term) The same with the 7h8-8->7-5-7 (the last bit)
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