Anthem Lights - Circles chords


EmReady Set Go
DThis is take 37, let it roll
GI'm gonna get it right this time
Gonna fight this time
CThis time I'm for Real
Em DLook at me go I'm off flying Straight as an arrow
GThen I feel the wind blow in Gravity sets in
Cand I don't know how to deal
Em GI always start so strong
G Before you even know it
I'm right back at the start
EmI'm doing what I hate
and breaking my own heart
BmI'm going back and forth
and then forth and then back
Gand then round in circles
I was never meant to travel on my own
Emso no matter what I try If I'm trying alone
BmI'm going back and forth
and then forth and then back
Cand then round in circles
Em Here's what I know
DDirection goes out the window
Gthe second that I hear your word
CI forget what I heard and go on just the same
Em Dthe beautiful part it doesn't have to be his hard
GI'm just deceiving myself
I don't want your help
Csomething's got to change
Em DI know I need to change, because
Am CNo more insanity I'm letting go of me
Emall this independence has made me dizzy
D Amand now I can't see where I'm supposed to be
CI had my turn and now my lesson's learned
DI touched the fire and I got burned
I need your healing touch I've had enough
DI'm tired of saying
GBack and Forth and Forth and Back and
DRound in Circles
BmBack and Forth and Forth and Back and
CRound in Circles
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