Anthem Lights – Where The Light Is chords ver. 4

Left handed
Capo 4

Intro: D

Verse 1:
D ASee the streetlight on the corner
Bm GAnd watch the headlight as it's coming down the road
D A Bm GDarkness doesn't stand a chance
Verse 2:
D ASee the candle burn in the window
Bm GAnd feel the flames heat as it's drowning out the cold
D A Bm GDarkness doesn't stand a chance
Bm GEven when you're close to midnight
D AEven when the walls are closing in
Bm GThere'll always be a star that's shining
D AAnd the night will never win
Where the light is Interlude: D Verse 3:
D AMaybe you're spark is just beginning
Bm GAnd maybe it burns from a lifetime long ago
D A Bm GDarkness doesn't stand a chance
Pre-Chorus Chorus (x2):
D A Bm GWhere the light is darkness can't be found
D A Bm GWhere the Lord is darkness must be bound
Verse 4:
D ASo look in my eyes in the morning
Bm GAnd see the hope there and the soul that still remains
D A Bm GDarkness never stood a chance
D A Bm G (let it ring)Darkness never stood a chance
This tab is completely correct. Version 2 is correct but this one is easier than that one. When you play the Pre-Chorus the first time let the "a" at the end ring for 4 counts. God bless! Tyler Psalm 121:1-2
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