Anthony Celia Band - We Have Seen Your Glory chords

	          We Have Seen Your Glory - Anthony Celia Band
Tabbed by: Austin T
Tuning: Regular (EADGBe)

An amazing song by a great guy. In place of G and D in the 4th line of the verse, 
he uses an alternate chord with a weird fingering that I couldn't figure out, but 
what I wrote works fine with it. Don't hesitate to e-mail me if you have any 
questions or corrections! God bless! 

Intro: G Em C G D

(Verse 1)
GYou are the start of all,
EmLover of sinful men,
CThe Keeper of my heart,
G Dmore beautiful than the stars.
GYou are the Light of man,
Emshining for the world to see.
CNothing can outshine Your love,
G Dnot even the brightest star so now we sing:
GWe have seen Your glory,
EmThe glory of the One and Only,
CSent from the Father above,
G DSo full of truth and grace, hey.
G Em C G D (Verse 2)
GYou are the one to come,
EmThe One we have been waiting for,
CWhy we are living here,
G DLive a life of love, so now we sing:
Chorus (x2) (Bridge)
Em CSo shine Your light and shine Your love,
G DShine Your grace down on us now.
Chorus (x2)
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