Anthony Green - Devils Song This Feels Like A Nightmare tab

Found it here:

Could be put in Drop D, but I don't think it changes too much.

The Devil's Song (This Feels Like A Nightmare)Intro/Chorusd|--00000000-0-0000-55/20-00---|a|--00005555-0-0000-77/00-00---|f|--00000000-0-0000-77/00-00---|c|--22224444-2-2222-xx/22-22---|g|--22225555-2-2222-------22---|d|--0000-----0-2222-------00---|
Bridge/Outrod|---0-----0------|a|---0-----0------|f|---3-----5------|c|---5-----7------|g|---5-----0------|d|---x-----x------|"We're all in the same spot..."
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