Anthony Green – Real Magic chords

G Every single person you see
CFeels the same dumb pain
GAnd everybody gets imprisoned
CWith overwhelming shame
GRelax with it
CBreathe out
GEvery day there's something tragic
CThat helps somebody see
C DThere's real magic
CIt's so real
DIt's real magic
GIt's so real It's so real
GWe all want to be important but are
CAlways filled with dread
GWe can't get outside the borders
Cthat are made up in our head
GRelax with it
CLay back
GThen you say you can relate to it
CAnd I know just what it means
C DIt's real magic
C DIt's so real
C D CWith gratitude the written word reminds me everyone's the same
DWithout the fear of being alone We would understand
C D C It's not my place to figure out how to keep the moment still
D CWithout the fear of who we are we would understand
C DIt's real magic
C DIt's so real
C DIt's so real
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