Anthony Hamilton – Ball And Chain chords ver. 2

DmSitting here thinking
BbDamn I'm getting a little older
GmTrying to find some piece of mind
DmTake the weight of the world off my shoulders
DmMmmm got me driving down the highway
BbTrying to make it through each and every day
GmFade to black n all poverty
DmTake a truck and move my people down south with me
DmTrade my ball and chain in for a ticket
BbOn a one way trip into Georgia
Gm AmBig smiles, apple pies, my people, and blue skies
DmTomatoes grow where I can pick em'
BbOn an open highway through Georgia
Gm AmGreen grass, tear stains, shadow dancing in the pouring rain
[Verse 2] Sitting here looking in the mirror Damn it's getting a little clearer If I could paint a perfect picture Would u dare take it wit ya, take it wit ya, take it wit ya Picture us whistling while fishing Picture us dancing while romancing To a tune that belongs to me and u My ball and chain we will all be free yea [Chorus] We can be dancing, steady romancing Whistling, while we steady fishing Yea, yeah, oooh, oooooooh Oooooooh, yeah [Chorus]
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